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To survive at sea he partially ate the cook, and then I believe he ate his mother. That is what the island human-shaped represents, with its lotus flower motif and feeding him until he was engorged. He created the animal story to deal with his traumatic memories, and the film offers the audience the same option - believe the true humanist story, or a more fantastic, 'happier' tale with no concrete evidence which, ultimately, is what religious belief boils down to.

All of you may seem to have missed the following two scenes that suggest that first story was true:. When Pi throws the swim ring in the water to save 'someone' only to find that someone to be 'Richard Parker' instead. So 'Richard Parker' doesn't come out of the shed 'all of a sudden' as thought by many that all of a sudden he emerged out of nowhere, because of Pi's anger.

Just before the movie ends, it is shown that 'Richard Parker' i. Quite possible that upon being asked for a 'true' story, he could replace animals with humans because when he saw hyena being cruel, it reminded Pi of the cruel cook. And when he saw Zebra, it reminded him of peaceful Japanese man and when he saw the female monkey who seemed to have lost its baby , he saw his mom in that mother monkey??

Life of Pi

So the second story was true but Pi makes up another story and ties all the human characters to their animal counterparts which is what I like to believe. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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Life Of Pi Reasons For Survival

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Where It All Goes Down

Is my thinking correct? Milan Aggarwal Milan Aggarwal 2 2 gold badges 5 5 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. At the end Pi says: "And so it goes with God. So the two stories tell us something about God, instead of something about God's opinion on the stories.

Geerten: So the two stories tell us something about God. Can you elaborate on the statement?

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Even I do agree with the OP that the character meant that the first story went with God , that is with truth or belief. Any reason you think otherwise? You can read screenrant. In his explanation, the narrator also matches each animal to its real-life equivalent: zebra is the Buddhist guy hyena is the cook orangutan is the narrator's mother tiger is the narrator himself, or more specifically, his animal nature, which was drawn out by the ordeal.

Shiz Z. On the contrary, I can argue meaning of "even God chose the first story" is that the incidents with the animals actually happened and logically Pi must have been dead in that boat; but even God had other things in mind and let him survive and tell others the impossible story! So you see all these opinions are personal opinions No confirm answer can be given to it, because the story was meant for such ending! I didn't understand after watching the film how he would make the guy believe in God, but this answer explains it perfectly.

I found some great piece of lines in the web : Now for the BIG question: Which version do you believe?

Life of Pi

This is what made a brilliant contribution for the success of the movie. In this interview he speaks: Reality isn't just "out there", like some block of cement: reality is an interpretation. So please dont try to analyze, just enjoy the story as it is. Some hints the author gave himself too in the same interview: What I was trying to do in this book was try and discuss how we interpret reality - most secular readers will read the book and say 'Ah, okay, there's one story told and actually something else happened, and Pi 'invented' this other story to pass the time, or make his reality bearable.

But at the end, no confirmed answer is there. Mistu4u Mistu4u 9, 18 18 gold badges 67 67 silver badges bronze badges. Nice quotes from the author. I have read the book several times, and it reads as a parable. It isn't a story about a tiger or no-tiger as much as it is a story about perception. The point is not to choose the "real" story from these two, but to realize that in your own life you choose your own story.

MaryJoFinch, exactly. Survival Things Our Great-Grandfathers Built Or Did Around The House People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks years ago did it. These guys were the last generation to practice basic things-for a living-that we call survival skills now.

'Life of Pi' Essay Sample

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We aim to provide knowledge, tools, and comfort to help individuals recover and lead a healthy, happy life. Physical Survival. When placed in an unfamiliar environment, it is essential for one to adapt to the situations around them in order for them to survive. Pi lacked the basic necessities that humans need to survive — water, food and shelter. He needed to adapt and use the resources around him in order to ensure his survival. The orangutan puts up a good fight, but the hyena ultimately kills her.

Richard Parker finally makes himself known by killing and eating the hyena. Now only Pi and Richard Parker survive on the lifeboat. Pi realizes he must survive the elements while adrift in the lifeboat—and that Richard Parker will almost certainly eat him. He quickly sees that thirst will kill him sooner than hunger or the tiger, so he sets about finding a way to get water.

He discovers provisions stored in the lifeboat, including biscuits, water, water purifiers, a whistle, and a handbook for surviving at sea. With the tools of survival in hand, Pi builds a second watercraft—a raft made of oars and lifejackets—and attaches it to the boat. He considers a variety of survival options and concludes that he must tame the tiger.

Although he is unable to fully train and domesticate Richard Parker, by blowing a whistle and rocking the lifeboat enough to make the tiger seasick, Pi is able to subdue him and secure his own territory on the lifeboat. Pi goes temporarily blind and loses his mind. He begins having a conversation with Richard Parker in which they mutually fantasize about the kinds of foods they would like to eat.

Pi fixates on vegetarian delicacies, and Richard Parker continues to revise the recipes with meat as the main ingredient. During this fantastical exchange, another castaway in a lifeboat appears, also blind and also very hungry.