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Chinese New Year is the main festival that celebrated by Chinese.

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Chinese New Year is the first festive season celebrated in every year after the 1st of January New Year. The Chinese New Year is celebrated 15 days which started from the first day of a year in Chinese Lunar calendar.

Each year is denoted by one of the 12 animals as depicted by the Chinese Zodiac. In the first day of Chinese New Year, the Chinese also will have open house to let the relatives and friends visit.

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The friends of Chinese originated from other ethnics are also allowed to visit. An Ang Pow will be given by the elders to the youngsters who singles.

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In tradition, Chinese will play firecrackers, because of the dangerous of firecrackers, the firecrackers are prohibited. March past by members of the Armed Malaysian Forces.

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All over the country, these cakes are available as round pastries usually filled with a mixture of sweet red bean paste or lotus nut paste. Thaiponggol Celebrated by Tamils, Thaiponggol is a harvest festival that essays somewhere in the second week of January.

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On this day, farmers get up early in the morning and cook the newly harvested grain to offer the meal to the sun. In urban families, scenario is a bit changed and involves rising, bathing and getting dressed up before dawn. Then lamps are lit and offerings are made to the God. National Water Festival Water is of great importance in Malaysian culture, where it serves as a communication system and an festival resource representing the early settlement. With a message of protection and utilization, National Water Festival is celebrated in Malaysia.

Tapai, an alcoholic drink made of rice wine, is liberally served on the occasion. On festival day, devotees assemble at the temples to meditate on the eight essays of Buddha.

Things to note during the festival are the larger than life papier-mache figures and performances of Chinese opera and Ko-Tai energetic singing and dancing malaysia performers in glittering costumes. September Malaysia Day September 16 commemorates the establishment essay on the black death the Malaysian federation inwith the joining of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia.

Shopping only adds the necessary glitter to this warmth of togetherness and companionship. Getting together with friends and relations is a much greater source of festive fun and joy because sharing this experience with your close friends and family is what the day is all about. Chatting and sharing experiences, food drink and even somewhere to sleep is all part of being part of the festival celebrations.

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