Relationship between mother and child essay

For a child, mother is so special that it is difficult to express in words.

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The bond between a child and mother are so strong that nobody can break it. When a child born; it is the mother who easily understands the feelings or requirements of her child.

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  • The Relationship Between A Mother And A Child;
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  • She spends every second around her child for fulfilling his all needs. Since childhood our mother keeps telling us what is wrong and what is right in manner to build us as a good human being and also encourage us to do good things in life. She loves and cares us without any personal greed.

    Mother always understood our problems even if we are not sharing with her.

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    She boosts the confidence in us to overcome the problem. She always stands with us during happiness or sadness. Mothers work round the clock without any complaints to keep us happy. She always first thinks about her family members without fulfilling her own desires.

    We should always thankful to God for giving unique qualities to Mothers such as caring, helping nature, sacrificing, forgiving, and always putting others before themselves. A mother changes house into home and create environment of home to live happily.

    She is the first teacher for her child and she not only teaches about academic but also behaviour lessons. Mother manages the home without any leave or break throughout her life. She never asked for any favour for doing jobs. She always remain happy and create the atmosphere of home lively so that when someone come from office or shop feel relaxed at home.

    If someone does wrong blame totally comes to his mother.

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    To make her child as gentle person, a mother does all best things that she can do. Never hurt her she is the one who spends sleepless night when you were ill. Mother, the ultimate human creation by god is not only an ordinary woman but a super woman in herself. She cares for her child throughout her life without any expectations but just have one hope that her child gets all the happiness and his dreams come true. Fragrance of a mother can easily be recognised by her new born child.

    Since the birth a child is being observed by his mother. For providing child all comforts she does all needful.

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    Definition of mother is something like sweet and innocent, caring and loving, nice and warm. A mother is that special gift which a person gets directly by god. Yet, what if your relationship is a real burden for you? In the taking care of parents essay above, one of our writers claims that people should be encouraged to help their parents, but not obliged to support them no matter what relationship they have. On our blog, you can find many interesting samples, helpful guides, and useful tips for your writing.

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    Notify me of new posts by email. How it works Blog Latest orders Top writers About us. Posted on December 4, by EssayShark. Academic level:. Works Cited Coe, Norma B. Like this sample? Dietrich stares at her with hatred. Cold calm clear unmistakeable hatred. She is thinking, Who are you?

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    What have I to do with you? Teenage girls want their mother both close to them and far away emotionally, but they are not sure how to achieve this so they give mixed signals. The daughters push away and instinctively their mothers try to regain control of their connection by pursuing the emotional closeness. In the attempt to keep their relationship close, mothers tend to smother their teenage daughters.

    Dietrich sees Nola as her only source of love so she tries to keep that alive, unbenonst to her she is smothering Nola with her overbearing need to feel attachment. Dietrich thinks she is in love with her daughter. Dietrich is not her own woman. Her divorce, compounded by her loneliness and alcoholism forces her to need Nola in a way that is not healthy.

    She hides behind her daughter because she doenst know how to live anymore. As she tries to hold on to every little glance, every word and every breath her daughter takes, Nola asserts herself further from her grasp. In reality, it often does.

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    One large survey in the late s found that about one in five divorced fathers had not seen his children in the past year, and less than half of divorced fathers saw their children more than several times a year. A survey of adolescents who were living apart from their fathers found that 52 percent had not seen them at all in more than a year; only 16 percent saw their fathers as often as once a week. Once the oldest child hits adolescence, parents are catapulted into a process of life review.