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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. It will have to be a collective effort. We will have to work together with a common goal in mind. We have come a long way but journey by no means is over. It is important to make this growth sustainable. India has large productive and young population as her asset.

If we truly believe that the future of any country lies in the hands of the youth than we need to take a step forward.

Indian Youth and Politics – Jai Hind: Proud to be an Indian

We have to build a foundation now for a prosperous future. Unless youth feel concerned and gets involved in politics at all stages, we cannot expect a nation to grow. Remember, it is not good for a nation when its citizens only complain and expect someone else to fix their problems. Youth participation in politics was not much seen upto last election. However, today we have some politicians like rahul, priyanka, deora, Jyoti.. The only problem is that these are from the political backgrond and work on the blessings of their father or mother or some close relative.

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Had they been from non political family they may not have gained the status they have today. Bharat Uday Mission is one outfit of IITians who are planning to enter in politics at a certain point of time.

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Though I have not seen their latest activities, whatever they did was very systematic and giving boost for young ones to participate in politics. However, the current young politicians mentioned above have not been able to get rid of the problems like corruption whiche means they have also become a part and parcel of the same corrupt politics.

Else there would have been a sizable change today. May be some one from us need to take controls in future. Sitting in the corner and critisizing the contamination of corrupt leaders will not make and difference between us and those leaders. And this I do not think distracts us from our duties towards our parents and other things.

In fact, politics is a concern for the better needs of common people. So in a way we only become more conscious of our duties towards society at large. Moreover, the young population of country can always have fresh ideas to alleviate a cetain problem. Manmohan Sigh, who has an excellent academic knowledge and experience to lead India, but also the likes of BSchool graduates like Sachin Pilot, MIlind deora adds life and a fresh set of ideas to the decision making bodies.

I am talking about my generation, those born in the Indira Gandhi era How many young Indians today would list politics as their chosen field of interest?

1246 Words Essay on Youth and Politics in India

Very few. But why is this? Is the Shining India ready for politicians who are educated and eager for a revolution. My life is fine , am not affected by it and don;t care about being an Indian! Well i agree with you one few points but then whose responsibility is to change the system. We do no good by just complaining and expecting others to fix our problems. It is not that youth are kept aside but yes they are being given less opportunities and are still not involved in matters pertaining to nation.

This should be done. Moreover youth should not hesitate to join politics and political parties should also make some amendments and give youth more space in the set up. Excuse me Rishabh, if u think the parties will make amendments for the youth, then itz better 2 4get about the idea…. Ya absolutely Asish the govt will neither make amendments nor have an Idea of doing that. Its difficult for an individual to form a party but forming a small group and concentrate all the-ve factors of the society to that extent that they would be transformed to betterment of ours.

The Role of Youth in Politics

Hii frnds! M jst out of college aftr my MBBS..

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Aftr d terror attacks in mum,it seems suddenly india z ful of beamin ideas of change.. Bt who wil organise dem n channelise 4 a promisin future…R our politicians motivated enough 4 dat.. I feel answr is no. Rarely do v get politcian who doesnt indulge in cheap votebank politics. V cn bring d change v dream n talk of.. Path is nt easy bt its nt impossible..

We, the People of India deserve better governance.

We are capable of better governance. Therefore, Act for Change. Act Now! PPI is action for change. PPI comprises professionals from every walk of life and is an excellent medium for everyone to give voice to their concerns and participate in result oriented political change. If youngsters choose politics as a career is really a good sign. Do you think this will happen immediately?

Ways Youth can Change the World through Politics

Let me know how many of us have voter Identity card to utilize our votes to elect a good leader. Think about the basic roots that has to be changed. As our president Dr. So a child who has grown under the noble guidance of these two ideal persons can do wonders. Finally what I meant to say If we concentrate laying good foundation to our children It will automatically change everything.

There are many aspects in our INDIA, as i mentioned above like-poverty, corruption, politics, crimes, rural developments, etc have to be changed. And before we want to become a political member, lets think a second that, what have we done to our country, what efforts have we put to glorify our country till now, so that we have the right to be a leader to the people in our country. I think you can understand what i mean. So, finally what i want to reveal is, before we the youth, plan for a political party, -Lets form an association which consists of youth as members. And let us make our Indians know the perfect system and the perfect leaders.

They should find only one difference between a military soldier and the politician i.

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Well the topic is in grt demand fr GDs for students and youngsters. But the sarcasm here is that the topic is restricted to mere discussions and no actual participation. The spark to improve and subvert all problems of our nation seems missing in youth,the required zeal and enthusiasm is lost somwhere. When asked fr suggestions, we blame our corrupt govt. But for this entire blame cant be set on youngsters as politics hs become merely a name game pouring leaders from famous clans or high profiles.

We need to immediately work upon it and anyhw prevent the brain drain to abraod to make our nation prosper and make it reach the zenith.